Established 1955

The new EU tyre label provides important information about safety and environmental aspects of a tyre. Similar to the energy labels found on kitchen appliances, the EU tyre label makes it easy to compare tyres in terms of wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise.The 3 important sections on the label are:

eu-label-tyre-fuel-efficiency Fuel Efficiency – A measure of the tyre’s rolling resistance, which has an impact on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Rated from A (highest rating) to G (lowest rating).
eu-tyre-label-wet-grip Wet Grip – A measure of the tyre’s braking ability on wet roads. Wet grip is rated from A (highest rating) to F (lowest rating).
eu-tyre-label-noise-levels Noise Levels – A measure of the external noise generated by the tyre, in decibels. The black sound waves indicate the noise class of the tyre, from 1 (quiet) to 3 (loud).